Babies In Prison

Babies who live in prison with their mothers need our support

Babies In Prison (BIP) is a UK charity (Registered Charity Number 1013166) which observes and supports the development of babies and toddlers who live with their mothers in prison Mother and Baby Units (MBUs). We work to improve their general wellbeing, despite the restrictions of the prison environment.

Our aims are to:

  • Broaden the range of experiences available to the babies and toddlers.
  • Improve the mother/baby relationship by encouraging good parenting skills.
  • Provide a range of educational toys and equipment to stimulate the babies.

It is recognised that the first months of life are critical for the emotional, intellectual and physical development of babies. We therefore set out to:

  • Acknowledge good practice in the mother and baby units and promote activities known to lead to good parenting.
  • We support staff to promote positive bonding between mothers and babies and encourage the mothers’ confidence in their role.
  • We support the work of other practitioners which enhances the skills of mothers and babies.

We advocate on behalf of these babies to ensure that this vulnerable group is represented and accommodated in an appropriate environment within the penal system.

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